• Leah Stankus

20 Caption Ideas For Your Next Instagram Post

Okay, we ALL have been there- you sit down to post a photo on Instagram and then realize you are blank for caption ideas- you feel me, right? SOOO I AM HERE TO HELP YOU OUT.

Below are 20 caption Ideas for your next Instagram post! Each of these is ideas that will help you connect with your followers and become more "personable" when building your brand.

1. Introduce Yourself 

2. The Best thing you've invested in for your business. 

3. 10 Things you like/ don't like 

4. Something you've struggled with. 

5. How to _________

6. Your Goals for this year 

7. A quote you love 

8. 5 Tips for ______

9. Advice for _______

10. Day in the Life 

11. Favorite Places you've Visited 

12. Someone you look up to 

13. A personal story 

14. 5 Things about Yourself

15. Things you wish you knew before _____

16. Share your victories 

17. Host A Giveaway 

18. Talk about your family, friends, pets.

19. Share your struggles 

20. Places you want to visit 

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