• Leah Stankus

Chelsea + Trevor

 You know when you meet people and pretty much immediately know you’ll be best friends? That’s how I felt from Chelsea and Trevor’s initial message about their couple session. Once I learned more about them, my thoughts were solidified even more! These two fellow travelers, have been out west, the Bahamas, and Haiti! They met through running, and have continued to do marathons & long distance runs together.  We met in the hay field and started shooting, I asked Trevor to swing Chelsea around in a circle (a few times). This session was filled with many laughs, I’m so glad I was able to capture these moments for them. It was so fun hanging out with these two, I definitely think we’ll get together again in the future.

 ** How beautiful Is Chelsea’s dress?? When she was booking her session she had told me she had recently purchased a brand new dress and she was excited to wear it she pulls it off so well and looks stunning!

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