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The"Octagon Cabin" A West Virginia Airbnb

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to stay in this beautiful "octagon cabin" which was a true "off the grid" tiny house located in Wellsburg, WV. Within my time there I was able to photograph small details of the property and space for promotional purposes. During my stay I was able hike, cook my meals on a propane stove, sit by the river (also known as Buffalo creek) and much more.

Meet the Host's

Meet Jim and Jo Ellen they hand-built this work of art using their own sawmill lumber from their farm. With the help from their family they were able to make this dream into a reality. The octagon cabin is nestled within the woods, so it provides anyone who stays here an relaxing escape. Currently they manage 3 Airbnbs on their property all of them being unique "tiny houses". With welcoming smiles and warm hospitality they took the time to show me around the property during my stay on the farm. I look forward to my next stay.


A West Virginia Artist & Illustrator

Meet Rosalie or as some of her friends and family call her "Rosie" over the years I have had the honor of following her various travels and art work through social media. One of her recent accomplishments include an art residency in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Being an avid hiker and nature enthusist she gets most of her inspiration from natural beauty. Some of her her paintings include: fungi, ferns, lizards, and other creatures in nature.

The cabin is on Jim and Jo's 170 acre farm, during your stay there you have the opportunity to hike and explore the mountain views!

A neat aspect of this cabin is that its ran completely off of solar energy! This small set up powers the entire cabin including: charging your phone, indoor and outdoor lights, and the coffee machine!

A homemade solar bucket shower is a highlight! A black bucket can be placed in the sun to provide 5 gallons of water for a couple of warm showers per filling. Enjoy a private, off-grid, bucket shower experience, surrounded by trees and sunshine!

This is one of Rosalie's original paintings that is featured in the cabin! She also has a few other of her paintings in the cabin.

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