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3 Must-See's While in Maine

I'm not sure why it took me so long to travel to Maine, but gosh dang, I was missing out. I stayed for almost a week, and it definitely wasn't enough time to see everything, but here are a few of my favorite and "must-do" things while in the fantastic state.

1. Take The Ferry and See one of Maine's Islands

I didn't really know this until I traveled there, but Maine has THOUSANDS of Islands ( over 4,000), so you have many to choose from. I visited Peaks Island, which is a short ferry ride from Portland, Maine. After arriving on the Island, we decided to rent bikes and biked around the entire Island and took in the views.

2. Go Inland To Baxter State Park

Every time I talk to someone who has traveled to Maine, I ALWAYS ask them if they went to Baxter. Most people stick around the cost and Acadia, which can get super crowded in the popular months. Baxter offers a "getaway" experience. There is no electric or running water, so make sure you are prepared- but the lakes are SO CLEAR, and you can rent a canoe for $1 an hour ( that was one of my favorite parts).

3. You Guessed it.. Acadia National Park

I think this is one of the main attractions for most people when traveling to Maine, and I will say it does live up to expectations. We hiked the Bee Hive Trail and 10/10. If you are scared of heights or narrow paths, I wouldn't recommend it. The view from the top was one of my favorites, I will say. ALSO, CATCH both Sunrise and sunset at Cadillac Mountain!!

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