• Leah Stankus

3 Ways To Rock Time Management

Let me tell you I STRUGGLE with time management because of one main thing: I want to say Yes to everything and everyone. I didn't think it was a bad habit until about a year ago when I realized I was working myself to death and saving zero time or just relaxing. I was always running on fumes of sleep ( zero sleep) and going from one place to the next. Was I making it for everything? Yes- but was I truly doing well with my time management? Absolutely not.

1.Have a Calendar

Oh my gosh, has my calender kept me in line throughout the year, being able to see what I have to do written out ( Yes, I still like to write all my things out on a calendar)? I use an online calendar system for my photography ( Love you Honeybook)- but Folks WRITE THINGS DOWN, FOLKS. You can either use an online calendar ( Google calendar is free and super friendly because you can color coordinate everything). For example, you can divide things up by personal, work, school, etc. Or you can go old school and get a calendar and write everything down and then mark it off ( super satisfying to me)

2. Wake Up Early

THIS has helped me SO SO MUCH is my morning routine, so I started waking up early- you can train yourself to do this, just start slow ( maybe begin waking up at 8:00 and then move it to 7 am and so on). I promise you will get used to it. Each morning I wake up around 7 am, read, stretch, make my morning coffee, and get my day started. I PROMISE you when you wake up early; you will feel like you have so much more time to accomplish different tasks.

3. Make Daily and Weekly To-Do Lists

I have a little journal. I'm pretty sure I got it. At Marshalls or something, but anyway, on Sundays, I dedicate to creating my "To do list" I used to make weekly to-do lists, but now I switched up to make daily to-do lists. So each day, I have my daily to-do list, which I can mark off as the day goes by- this helps me no feel overwhelmed and seeing 373189 things on my list.

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