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5 Things You Can Change To Be More Sustainable In Your Daily Life

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

As an Environmental Major, I am ALL about learning new ways that we can all take on to be more sustainable in our daily lives. Now let me say that this doesn't mean that you have to change your daily routines COMPLETLY- it's just altering them a tad bit ( for a good cause). Let me throw out some facts to you in 2018 it was found that the WORLD produces 275 Tons of plastic waste per year- and you can help reduce that number, and this is how.

So here are five ways you can live more sustainably:

1. Switch to a Reusable Water Bottle: 

Okay, so here a few reasons you should switch to a reusable water bottle- I love the brand YETI soo thats what I use.

  • It SAVES YOU MONEY: no more buying plastic water bottles weekly ( also how many of those plastic bottles do you recycle? ) 

  • If you are like me and you love stickers, you can decorate your water bottle. Again I know this is not a real factor, but I needed to throw it in there. 

  • You will help reduce the amount of global plastic waste and the amount of waste that could potentially end up in our oceans. 

2. Switching to LED Lightbulbs:

  • . Lighting accounts for 15% of global electricity use. When you switch to LEDs will use 90% less energy lasts longer than incandescent lights.

3. Composting:

Remember, you are talking to the girl who got a 50 Gallon Composter for her 20th birthday so that I may be a tad biased. Composting prevents organic material from going to landfills, where it will take 10x longer to decompose. Things like your egg shells and coffee grounds from your breakfast each day can be composted!

  • Allows Organic Material to Breakdown in the soil.

  • ( For my Gardeners) This helps you soil stay healthy and gives it minerals and nutrients!

  • Reduces LandFill Waste.

4. Switch to Reusable Bags for Grocery Shopping:

I still will NEVER understand why plastic bags became a thing, but its an easy switch to get a reusable bag for your grocery trips.

  • Reduce Plastic Waste ( aka more sustainable).

  • You can support a local business/ small business and buy a reusable tote.

5. Shop at Thrift Stores:

That's right Shopping can be sustainable- the fashion industry is one of the highest contributors to pollution, but some new designers are helping change that. You can even repurpose the clothing! A study showed that 3/5 of clothing will end up in a landfill.

  • Reduce the amount of clothing that will end up in a landfill

  • Help change mindsets about purchasing more eco friendly when shopping.

  • Gives clothes a second life.

These are just a FEW ways you can alter your daily life to help be more sustainable!

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