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A Complete Day-Trip Itinerary to Davis, West Virginia

If you know me, you know I LOVE the Thomas and Davis area- and I hope to live there one day. Davis is such a beautiful place to take a little day trip or drive in any season. SOOO here are a few insider tips and places when traveling to Davis and Thomas ( they are 10 minutes away from each other, honestly probably shorter).

Black Water Falls State Park

First Stop Elakala Falls

In the state park, there are numerous waterfalls. The first was being, of course, a Blackwater Falls that everyone knows. My favorite waterfall is Elakala Falls, which is located right beside Blackwater Falls Lodge. You can walk down to the base of this waterfall but make sure you are very careful because it can be super slick sometimes- trust me, the photos will be worth it.

There’s also hiking trails above the waterfall that are in this beautiful pine forest and Mossy area- not exaggerating like everything is green basically.

Here is the pine forest above the waterfall-like. I said everything is green, and the undergrowth is coming up- it’s one of my favorite places in the park to sit and have a picnic and take in the n nature. Also, a super great place to hang a hammock and chill for the day!

Hike Out To Lindy Point

Lindy Point is an absolute must when visiting the state park- this hike is super easy for ANYONE (it's only 0.8 miles and is all super flat during the entire walk. When you arrive at the overlook, you instantly are amazed by the mountains- you can either stand on the observation deck- or if you want to go down to the rocks, you can.

See Black Water Falls ( The Main Waterfall )

Okay, this is the main event that Blackwater Falls State Park- when you walk down, get ready to walk down some major steps- there are two observation decks. There is a top deck and then a lower deck where you can get close to the waterfall.

Drive To See Douglas Falls In Thomas, West Virginia

While you are doing your waterfall tour of all over Blackwater Falls, you need to stop in Thomas, WV, and go to Douglas Falls. The rocks are stained Orange from acid mine drainage, so that is what gives this waterfall orange rocks.

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