• Leah Stankus

A Complete Guide For Engagement Photos

First YAYY, you are engaged, that is so exciting!! A few things probably in your head, wedding date, wedding, venue, engagement photos, bridesmaids, etc. we all know the list is LONG. So let me help you with one of those tasks engagement photos.

Why do I need Engagement Photos?

Thes photos will be used on your "save the dates" that you send out to all your family and friends. Plus, they will help you establish your wedding together. I could probably go on, but another plus is cute and relaxed photos with your love to hang up around the house!

How to Find an Engagement Photographer?

Let me tell you a little secret that most wedding photographers have packages that either has a free engagement session or a discounted session. So really look at who you would like to photograph your wedding and try to schedule with them. This lets you see if you "vibe" well together ( which is SOO important!!)

Where to Take your Engagement Photos?

If you have a specific place ( where you guys had your first date or a special place to you), tell your photographer and make it happen!! Choosing an area that has a special meaning to you will make your engagement photos even more special. If you and your love are adventurous and want to adventurous off to the mountains, let me just say DO IT. I always love to tell my couples to bring something that they love; it can be their favorite drink, pizza, a picnic, anything!!

What to Wear For Your Engagement Photos:

SOOO here are just a few rules for things " not to wear" for your engagement photos, BUT I always tell my couples to wear what you are comfortable in and feel the best in. Try to avoid super printed clothes, so what do I mean by this? Clothes with bold prints, including large flowers, words, etc. These things can distract the attention away from you!

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