• Leah Stankus

Adrianna + Tyler | Buckhannon, West Virginia |

Adrianna and Tyler met before her senior year in high school ( they actually met at a Folk festival). Tyler had the swishy Bieber hair, which was a pretty big deal at the time ( who didn’t have the Bieber hair at one point, right??). In between a corndog stand and the dance floor, their love story began. By the end of the night, Tyler got her number, and they went on a date shortly after, and they instantly hit it off. Adrianna said, “ I wasn’t sure about dating or love; all I knew is that I really liked being with him, and I never wanted that to end.” I think she couldn’t have described love any better. They have now been married for over a year and have a golden doodle together. Which for everyone who knows me also knows that I have a Goldendoodle Bentley, so during the entire session, we all talked non stop about pups and ate pizza sooo it was a swell evening.

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