• Leah Stankus

| Alex + Sophia | Care Free Couples Session | Stonecoal Lake, West Virginia |

Alex and Sophia met in college, well on the move-in day, to be exact. They lived on the same floor- little did they know that would soon lead them to a TONN of happiness. Fast forward after moving in, their RA hosted a floor meeting, and they went around and started saying their names and where they were from. As everyone began to go around Alex, saw Sophia and said she was the absolute prettiest girl she had ever seen. She then was DETERMINED to find a way to talk to her.

After all the introductions, their RA announced they would take a small tour around campus. Alex went up to her and said, " Hi, I don't know anyone can I stick with you?" They instantly hit it off and exchanged numbers- now they live together with their cute little pup.

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