• Leah Stankus

Caitlyn + Dalton | Summer Couples Session | Fiddlers Mill, West Virginia |

Caitlyn and Dalton met when they were in sitch grade- oh yes, we are going WAYYY back for this love story. They became close in eighth grade and then began to have crushes on each other. Dalton finally asked her out they're the first year of high school. Months went by, and eventually, they had their first date, which was fishing. Dalton still to this day says he let Caitlyn out fish her, but ( she told me that wasn't true). Throughout their years of being together, they have grown together, graduated together, went on vacations, and so much more.

For their session, we went to Fiddlers Mill in Buckhannon, and it ended with a water fight ( which was okay because it was SO HOT)

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