• Leah Stankus

Carly + Jayce | Adventurous Anniversary Session | Davis, West Virginia|

Carly and Jayce met in middle school... actually 6th grade, so we are going WAYYY BCAK to start this rad love story. First, let me say they have been dating since 6th grade ( 11 years folks). Carly told me that he was the only sixth-grader who was almost 6 feet tall and had the biggest head of curly hair. She instantly had a crush so much that she asked him to be her girlfriend in the cheesest way a middle schooler could think of ( we all know the foldable notes).

After three days of knowing each other in middle school, Jayce said yes, and they have been dating ever since. They are celebrating 11 years in August! Through though years, they have traveled the country together, graduated together, and sooo much more.

We explored all around my favorite place ( Black Water Falls) and even made a little stop to get coffee at TipTop on the adventure.

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