• Leah Stankus

Casey + Colin | Waterfall Couples Session | Charlestown, West Virginia |

Casey and Colin met in 2015 when Casey just moved to Shepherd- shortly after she started working at Dairy Queen. They saw each other at school when they would pass each other in the halls now and then. A few months later, during the summer ( Casey was still working at DQ), Colin came through and noticed her bit was too shy to say anything. He then went in EVERY DAY after that- for weeks may I add, but still was too shy to say anything.

Either he was tired of ordering the same thing every day or something- but he finally built up enough courage to ask for her number. On their first date, they instantly clicked, and Casey told me, " it was like we knew each other for years" They have been together for five years now and just moved in together.

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