• Leah Stankus

Casey + Logan | Backyard Treehouse Wedding | Buckhannon, West Virginia |

Logan and Casey grew up together (their families were actually friends, so they've been around each other since they can remember). Years went by, they grew up, and then Casey moved to Maine over 10 hours away, and they still kept in touch throughout the years.

I asked Casey when they fell in love, and she said, "I'm not sure it just happened." With 3 am phone calls and texting, they made the distance work. Finally, Casey moved back to West Virginia, and they went on their first date. She said, "I knew he had been waiting for this moment because he couldn't stop smiling- he asked me out after that.".

When Logan proposed, he talked to her mom to use Casey's family ring (which she has always adored). Their entire friend group was in on it. Logan took her to watch the sunset, and that's when he poured his heart out and popped the question. .

When I asked Casey about their love story, she ended it with, "this man has my heart, and he always has."

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