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Emily + Martin | Adventurous Anniversary Session | Black Water Falls State Park |

Black Water Falls State Park, West Virginia

Emily and I were "online friends," like we knew each other, but we didn't? Anyway, thanks to a local photographer's Facebook group, I met Emily, and through Emily, I met Martin ( and their pups). From there, Emily and I planned a styled shoot together in Harpers Ferry when I noticed we both were making jokes and dancing the entire time- I knew we would be friends. 

Also, we both couldn't shut up about our dog's soo; this is the type of person I like. 

When Emily messaged me and told me she and Martin were exploring Davis and Thomas for their anniversary, I WAS SO EXCITED. 

  1. I love Thomas and Davis.

  2. I love Emily and Martin.

If you look, you can see in some of the photos Emily's hair is standing up ( that's because it was lighting for half of the shoot). During this one hour, we went through it ALLLL I'm talking about rain, thunder, wind, lighting, then it would stop and be so muggy- mother nature was throwing all sorts of things at us. 

So we hiked went to waterfalls and then ended the day with pizza and ice cream. Also if your in that area Sirianni's Pizza is a MUST- best place ever.

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