• Leah Stankus

| Georgianna + Emma | Surprise Proposal | Thomas, West Virginia |

Emma and Georgianna at a restaurant- Georgianna Emma's waitress, and it all started from there. After they were both flirting with each other, Emma decided to leave her number on the receipt for her because " what's the worst thing that could happen?' a few hours later, she got a text from Georgianna and the rest is history, folks.

Now let's talk about the surprisal proposal Emma, and I planned. Emma messaged me, asking if we could do a proposal shoot, but she wanted it to be secret from .Georgianna. Emma also wanted to do it at TipTop, where they had one of their first dates, sooo we made a plan.

I sent a fake email to Emma, asking if she and Georgianna would be willing to model to get photos for my portfolio. They "agreed" ( I love this surprise). We met at TipTop, and I told Emma the code word, and SHE SAID YES, FOLKS. So So SOOO Happy for these two.

Also, Georgianna admitted that she had searched their house for a ring because she thought Emma possibly would propose. Emma ( knowing that this would happen) hid the ring to make sure it was a complete surprise.

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