• Leah Stankus

How I Got Started Into Photography

First, let me start by saying I NEVER and I mean NEVER thought I would get into photography or business- it all just happened.


Let us start with the first camera oh yes the magical first camera where it all began. SO my friend Taylor and I were going on a trip out west during the summer. I had the grand idea of getting a camera to have some perfect photos during our trip. I distinctly remember the day I got my camera Taylor came over so I could take her pictures, and I remember looking at the back of the camera. We both were like, " the background is blurry - oh my gosh, we are professionals." LITTLE DID I KNOW AHAHA. During this day, my dad had to show me how to put the lens on because I couldn't figure out that you had to line the red dot on the lens up with the red bot on the camera body... ( Haven't we come a LONG way lol)


From there, I started taking my friend's photos, nature photos, pictures of my dog ( basically anything that would get in front of my camera). I then had my first paid photoshoot, a sweet 16 photoshoot ( thank you, Emma).

It wasn't until my sophomore year of college. I believe that I started investing in my business, got my business license, and all the official stuff- then truly begun to take photography more seriously. Three years later, I am a full-time wedding/ elopement photographer and completely LOVE it.

( Here is a good comparison) Below is my roommate Abby the first picture is in 2018 when my gear wasn't the best- I didn't know what the heck I was doing with editing and SO MUCH MORE. The second image is taken in 2020 and as you can tell SO SO SOOOO much better.

I guess this is a story about how, when you think you have your life figured out- you don't life shows you Something you love and sets your soul on fire: Chase those dreams, folks.

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