• Leah Stankus

Je t'amie + Blake | Boho Barn Elopement | Caboose Farm, Maryland |

Blake and Je't' amine met in October 2017. He was her sister-friend, and one day, her sister asked if she would hang out with them- they picked her up and went to the city park just for fun. She told me that day she and Blake hardly spoke. They were both super shy, and all she could think about the entire time was how cute he was. Fast forward to one week later, she saw his profile on Tinder, and you guessed it, they matched. After many weeks of talking, they finally hung out and ended up going to a waterfall. By the time they got there, it was dusk, but they still went down to the waterfall and just enjoyed each other's company. They then hiked back up from the waterfall and just laid on top of Blake's car roof and looked at the stars ( and even saw a shooting star). Je't' amine said it was the most romantic thing ever, and the shooting star confirmed he was the one- they just got their first apartment together and two fur babies.

Venue: Caboose Farm

Rentals + Styling : Sugar Maple Events

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