• Leah Stankus

Kailee + Brandon | Mountain Elopement | Coopers Rock State Forest, West Virginia |

Kailee and I have become friends through photography, so when she asked me to photography her elopement, I was SO EXCITED. Kailee and Brandon started talking on social media their senior year at college, and Kailee said," she made aLL the moves." That spring, Kailee asked him to go to her formal with her- on their first date, she ended up spilling her entire glass of water on his lap. ( Honestly, this is a total me move) A few weeks later, they went to Bailees formal, and the rest is history.

Although they weren't able to have their wedding as planned due to COVID-19, they said "I do" in front of me and two of their family members and a few strangers that were also at the overlook ( they clapped at the end). They got married on West Virginia's birthday at one of the state's beautiful state parks.

So glad I was able to celebrate my beatific state's birthday and these two.

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