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Life During Self-Quarantine

COVID-19 has brought out so many different emotions and feelings. I think it because we have never experienced anything like this before. With the news, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram being mostly negative, it's hard to stay positive during these times. For the first couple of days during "self-isolation," I was excited for the extra time that I was given to accomplish more projects, focus on school, and I had planned to organized basically everything. Well after a few days, I fell into the pit of "self-pity" ( I think we all have been there) I let the negative media, and my thoughts take over, and I was just a ball of emotions over the situation that had flipped my entire world upside down. After I stepped back and looked at how incredibly blessed I wad during this situation- my mindset was completely changed. Yes, would world is going through something extremely horrible. I think we as a society have learned to appreciate healthcare workers, our local grocery stores, first responders, our local restaurant chefs, and so many others so much more. During this time, I have been able to take on life at a much slower pace and focus on things often, I say to myself, " I am too busy to do." I have been journaling more and reading regularly. I have been trying out new recipes ( some have been great others not so much). Instead of thinking about the long list of things you CAN'T do during this time, think about everything that you CAN do and control right now. I am "foraging" more from nature. Just in the fast two weeks, I have been able to go out and find morel mushrooms- a real treat. It's been great to be able to walk in the woods for a few hours and come back with something I then can enjoy. I made honey from dandelions and syrup from violets.

I have been working on my garden and this year I started almost everything from seeds. It's been great to take days at a slower pace. I have been able to use this time to focus on little things, and I have told myself it's okay if I don't accomplish them all. Be kind to yourself.

Daily Coffee and Morning Walk is a must for me during everything. I take this time to clear my head and get ready for the day ( plus Bentley enjoys the exploring)

After our walk I usually get started on my work or tasks for the day- and Bentley gets started on his naps.

Also during this time I have been trying to improve on my self portraits sooo it's a good excuse to get dressed up ( and then right back into leggings and a crew neck)

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