• Leah Stankus

Lucy + Jonathan | Adventurous Winter Couple | Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado |

Lucy and Jon first met on Mackinac island- yes folks, this love story starts on an island. They grew up 45 minutes from each other in Detroit. When they met they were total strangers but after a few conversations they both knew they just “clicked”. A few days after they met Jon had to fly back to Colorado and Lucy was in Michigan after many flights back and forth to each other- they made distance work. From that date, they have gone on many hiking adventures and traveled to countless places on their bucketlist. It doesn't matter if it is skiing, hammocking, or hiking; these two are always down for an adventure.

Rocky Mountain National Park is honestly one of the coolest places I've had the chance to photograph in- the lighting was perfect, and the sun was hitting the mountains in the background- this was such an excellent experience for me. If I'm honest, I sat at this frozen lake for over 30 minutes, just taking everything in - we live in such a beautiful world.

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