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McKenna + Ryan | Adventurous Mountain Couples Session | Boulder, Colorado |

Ryan and McKenna met in the Summer of 2014, which to their friends, is always referred to as “Last Summer.” Ryan went to Iowa State University, and McKenna went to Kansas State University - rival Big XII schools, but fortunately, large recruiting schools for John Deere. Summer 2014 led them both the the Quad Cities (Iowa / Illinois) to intern for John Deere, which was conveniently Ryan’s hometown. It was a summer to remember among their intern friends, full of slow-pitch softball, sand volleyball, and late nights of memories. After that summer, they visited each other back and forth at their schools and then returned to Quad Cities to start their full-time job.

They then started dating in 2015 and visited breweries, weddings, concerts ( Mekenna got a dog who is the freaking CUTEST). They moved to Denver a little while after and got married in 2018.

Before they moved to Boston, we were able to meet up and take some photos outside of Denver in Boulder, Colorado. We took in the fantastic views and red rocks.

Colorado, you rock.

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