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Micki + Darren |Bohemian Elopement - West Virginia |

July, 2019

I guess I will start with a little backstory. We all went to the same high school in our small town. Micki and I ran track together. She was a senior, and I was a freshman soo instantly; I thought, "this girl is so cool" well, years later, I still believe that sooo not much has changed. Micki and Darren are high school sweethearts. They are parents. They are gardeners. They are flipping amazing people. When they said they could model for my styled shoot, I was SO EXCITED. Micki posted this after the shoot, and it reminded me why I LOVE photography, and I love my job. Things like this make it ALL worth it. . Micki said, "A little backstory: Darren and I have been married for almost four years. We had been engaged for a year before finding out we were expecting Marcileen. We were going to have a courthouse shotgun wedding, but my Moom insisted we have a wedding. (She's so beautiful and extra and wanted our special day to be as special as possible.) She whipped up a full wedding in a weeks time. Unfortunately, I was incredibly morning sick, and I didn't feel very beautiful. It was a wonderful ceremony, and we were surrounded by loved ones, but we don't have a lot of pictures from our wedding mainly because I didn't look like the blushing bride every girl dreams about being. Leah asked me if Darren and I would model for this styled shoot she was putting together and I was so happy to accept. To me these are more than just pictures I modeled for. She gave me the opportunity to be the bride I always wanted to be and now I have pictures I can proudly hang up in my home. These mean more to me than words can describe. She has given me something I'll cherish forever."

She said, " I want to Thank Leah for putting this shoot together and overall being the kindest coolest girl on the planet. She's so so so talented and enthusiastic, and her loving personality shines through her photographs. Here are a few of the previews she's sent me. They make me so emotional. I don't think I've ever felt more beautiful." This folks is why I LOVE my job- to be able to capture and do things like this.


Stationary: lunalynn.creative

Ring box: Thehopefulromanticevents

Veil: overthemoonbridal

Florist: @anitas.flowers

Dresses: @wanderingdresses_

Doves: Morgans Diamond Doves

Venue: @mcnemarhouse

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