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My Top 3 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Oh, Traveling is something that almost everyone wants to do, but we often use one thing as an excuse to tell ourselves we can't do it. Do you know what that is? Money. I hear people all the time, " Oh, I wish I could travel, but its just way too expensive." Or when someone says, " I wish I could travel as much as you, but I just can't do it."

I am here to tell you... YOU CAN TRAVEL.


Often when you tell yourself you can't travel because of x,y,z, it's not those things holding you back- it's yourself. You are the thing holding yourself back from seeing the world or your bucket list destination.

I LOVE traveling, but being a college student sometimes funds for a trip can be pretty tight, so I am here to help you learn how to travel on a budget ( aka my specialty). I've gone to numerous countries, states, and even a Canadian providence all while making sure I am on a budget.

1.Use Google Flights as your search engine.

The search engine of google flights is my all-time FAVORITE to find cheap flights. You can set a search so each time the price rises or lowers for your specific date, the destination you get an alert through your email. For example, if your flight drops to like $100, it may only be that low for the next day so you can quickly hop on that deal!! Also, another thing I love about google flights is that you can type in multiple airports to see the price differences, and google compares it for you ( so nice, right??).

This is actually how I found my super cheap flight to Iceland- I was searching for how I could get to Europe over winter break ( Yes, I went to Iceland in the middle of winter). Iceland popped up for me, so I was like Iceland here I come. BIG TIP: BE FLEXIBLE WITH YOUR DESTINATION. This is something I recommend SOOOO MUCH. If you want to get out and travel and see new things- be flexible with your destination, sooo basically go wherever is the cheapest.

2. Use Airbnb & VRBO ( Cook your own meals )

I can't say this enough using Airbnb, and VRBO can help change your entire trip all because of one thing.


When you are booking your trip on Airbnb, make sure you put a kitchen as one of your necessitates. When you have access to cooking all of your breakfasts or making your coffee every morning, etc., this will save you SO MUCH MONEY. Eating out 2-3 times a day can add up quickly soo when you cook your own meals, it saves you so much money on your trip. You can buy $50 worth of groceries for the week ( I know from experience), and you are SET.

If you are going to a location because you are a foodie, you can ignore this point! I also want to say I am not telling you to never eat out on your trip- just try to cook at least a couple of meals during your stay!

3. Don't travel in "Peak Season"

June, July, and the Beginning of August are considered "peak seasons" to travel in- this is when everyone is taking their vacations, and travel companies know this. So what happens to the prices of hotels, Airbnb's, flights, etc. THEY GO WAYYY UP. So if you can travel in the winter months ( you can go to a warm destination) or even September, October- the prices will be lower. Even the excursions that you book once you are at your destinations will be different in prices.

If you only have a particular month when you can take a vacation due to your job, consider traveling with a group to split the cost of Airbnb, food, etc.

There are SO MANY ways you can cut costs on your next trip so if you have any questions, please message me, and I can help!

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