• Leah Stankus

My Top 3 Tips To Grow Your Instagram Account

Oh, Instagram, the little icon on your phone that you stress WAYYY TOO MUCH about, am I right? And yet in such a powerful tool for small businesses, creatives, and people to share their stories. This app is so versatile you can post pictures, videos, IGTVs, and so much more. Instagram has allowed me to grow my business and introduced me to some fantastic people and friends I still have today. I don’t think it’s necessarily so essential to have the most followers on Instagram, but it’s how you serve those followers and the connections you make with them. But when you have a message to share, no one sees if I can see how frustrating that is- soo here are a few tips that I think helped grow my photography Instagram account.

1. Be Consistent

Yes, that's right and be consistent with posting on your feed and your story ( AKA showing up!!). This is so important because once people get used to seeing your content on a daily basis or even on a weekly basis, they expect to see that content. I heard this once in a podcast, and it went like- if you expect to see a Youtubers new video every week on Thursday and then suddenly after six months of that, they just don't post one Thursday- you're going to think what the heck is up. SO FOLKS, SHOW UP. This is also very important for a business's Instagram account to help build relationships and establish your brand.

2. Post On Your Story + Feed

I talked about this with the first point but posting on your story and feed. Posting on your story every day to me is more critical than posing your feed due to the fact that more people will view your story every day. Also, with Instagram stories, people are more likely to interact, for example, you can do a poll on your Instagram story or even have people ask questions, so there are a lot of opportunities with Instagram stories. As a photographer, I am constantly creating new content, so it's essential for me to post on my feed to share that new content that I'm producing with my followers. For example, if you create pottery, you are going to post your new products once you're done to show your followers your new inventory ( ahaha, that's the best example I could come up with sooo)

3. Provide Value To Your Followers

Yes, I said provide value to your followers. Yes, they are there for you, but they are also there for tips and tricks, advice, and so much more. GIVE BACK TO THEM!! This is one of the best things I started doing in my business is posting valuable content. Yes, posting a pretty picture is excellent, and all but the caption that goes with it or the story you were telling with that photo can make it so different and help you stand out against the mass crowds. I even have a blog post about valuable content ideas that you can create.

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