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My Top 5 "Must-See" Things In Iceland

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

This Iceland trip was pretty last minute for me- I booked it very randomly one night because I wanted a "getaway," and the farthest and cheapest was Iceland. So I booked a trip to this chilly Island in the middle of winter ( and when they only have 4 hours of daylight) it was interesting. At first, I was going by myself, and then I convinced my little brother to go with me, and then my aunt and cousin also went, so we had a small group.

We decided not to rent a car because the weather in Iceland is WILD and can change at any point. So we went on small tour busses ( they had maybe ten people on them).

Here are my favorite places I visited during my time there ( in no order). Also, notice how extremely bundled I am in every single picture ( not the lagoon).

1. Skogafoss

Probably one of the most well-known waterfalls in Iceland- this place did not disappoint. However, the cold mist coming off of the waterfall WAS COLD.

2. Reynisfjara Beach

This was on my list for a long time. I've literally wanted to see a black sand beach FOREVER, and it lived up to all my expectations. Between the basalt columns and black sand, I was very happy.

3. Solheimajokull Glacier

If you are a documentary lover like I am you, probably saw this one on Netflix called "Chasing Ice," and this glacier was in it. So I was excited to see this in real life and have the ability to walk up to it. Plus, this was my first glacier sooo I was pretty excited about it. I still can't get over how incredibly blue the ice was- the pictures don't do it justice.

4. The Blue Lagoon

I feel like everyone knows about the Blue Lagoon- it's probably one of the most visited places in Iceland. They have busses at the airport waiting to take you directly there once you land. We decided to go for a couple of days after we arrived. We went SUPER early in the morning so it wouldn't be crowded ( I am glad we did). Tip of the day: put a TON of conditioner in your hair so it doesn't get so stiff from all the sulfur.

5. Gullfoss

The waterfall was amazing. There were so many layers to the falls from where it runs through the canyon luckily we went during sunrise. The bad thing was in the morning we went it was SO WINDY AND COLD. So we lasted maybe 10 minutes outside viewing the falls.

Here is a photo of Isaac ( my little brother) and I freezing but we took a photo right outside the bus before we got on.

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