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My Top 5 Places To Hike in West Virginia

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Hello, from West Virginia, I have lived here my entire life, so I have picked up some of the best places to hike and explore on the way. I know some people may say, " What the heck is there to do in West Virginia?" LET ME TELL YOU; this state is extremely underrated for its beauty and incredible views.

There are a TON of fantastic spots in West Virginia to visit; these are just some of my favorites. A few other great places include Dolly Sods, Harpers Ferry, Coopers Rock State Park, Snowshoe Mountain, and others.

Happy Exploring!

1.Black Water Falls State Park

If you know me you have to know this was going to be one of the places because I LOVE THIS AREA. Black Waterfalls State Park is a treat itself with multiple waterfalls, overlooks, natural areas, and so much more. My top two hiking Trails There: 

  • Lindy Point: ( great place to catch the sunset, but it can be crowded on certain weekend nights.) The hike out to the location is easy for everyone! 

  • Elakala falls Another super easy trail that is right beside the lodge. The path will lead you down to a waterfall that you can either walk down to the base or view from the bridge above ( I recommend walking down, be careful!) 

Also, I totally recommend checking out the towns Thomas and Davis during your visit to the park (it's apart of the experience). I could go on and on about all the things I love about this area, but I must control myself soo. 

2.New River Gorge 

This is a national park soo if you go here, you can check it off on your National PArk list. It's known for the famous " Bridge Day" that is held there each year, but hiking, we won't be jumping off any bridges, so stay on the trail. This park has cliffs that lead to the BEAUTIFUL gorge. If you go on certain days, the clouds are sitting in the canyon, and it's just a surreal scene. My favorite hiking trail here: 

  • Endless Wall Trail: I've done this hike twice, and the views during the 2.3 hike are amazing. Pack a snack and sit along the gorge and take it in. 

3.Audra State Park 

In the summer you can enjoy the blue water and spend the day swimming and relaxing. In the winter, you can enjoy the icicles that form over the wooden walkway ( they are huge). I always love packing a cooler and snacks and finding a rock in the river and hanging out with friends. You can also walk down the trail for miles and discover secluded beaches and river spots. 

4.Seneca Rocks 

Let me set the scene for you: you will drive down all these curvy roads, and then BOOM, you will see this insane rock sticking out the mountainside and welcome to Seneca. You can view from the bottom, but I think everyone should hike up to the top, and I'm not just talking about the wooden platform, the entire way up. I have taken Bentley ( my pup) up to the top, and he's been great; its definitely one of the best views in the state. Here are pictures of Seneca during summer and winter.

5.Spruce Knob 

Spruce Knob is known as the highest point in West Virginia, standing at 4.863 feet. The climate is very different. When you hike out the small trail to get to the main overlook, you will pass pine where only half of the tree is green and grown- that is because the wind is SO STRONG on top of the mountain ( crazy right?). There is also a lake that freezes over every winter that is a popular ice fishing spot. Here are some photos from Spruce during a hike I took there in December.

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