• Leah Stankus

Sam + Kaitlyn | Field Couples Session | Buckhannon, West Virginia |

Kaitlyn and Sam met in High-School in math class ( yes, that's right math brought these two together). Kaitlyn instantly had a crush and thought he was fun and flirt. Sam always thought Kaitlyn was dating someone ( she wasn't), but he never asked her out. He even wrote her a note one day with "Kaitlyn and a heart," but when she opened it up, it was just a homework question she had missed.

That summer, they saw each other again at the pool, and Sam came up to Kaitlyn and told her that her hair looked pretty. At the time, he had long curly hair, so she said, " thanks, yours looks great too." After that, they started talking and instantly clicked- now they enjoy hiking and taking other little adventures together.

So yes, we have rad hair and math to thank for this love story.

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