• Leah Stankus

Taylor + Hasika | Adventurous Cabin Session | Gordonsville, Virginia |

Taylor and I grew up in the same small town as I did- although she was a few years older than me, we became friends through my older sister. Taylor met Hasika in college at a party. She was on the women's soccer team, and he was on the men, they didn't know each other, but everyone wanted to introduce them.

Taylor says she remembers it clear as day- his friends pushed her through this crowded party to find Hasika. He was leaning against a bright red recycle bin before she could say anything he looks at her and says, "Do you want to F**k Sh*t up?"

Nothing took that giant grin off her face- oh, and of course, Taylor said Yes. They left the party to do a bunch of pranks. As they went, they learned the entire school had been rooting for them to become a couple.

They did a TONNN of pranks around their campus ( with a little bit of liquid courage, may I add). They climbed the church at their college, snuck into the gymnasium, found a key to break into the golf teams practice area, and spent some time working on their swing, put traffic cones on top of cars, and other pranks.

After they sat and talked for hours- Taylor told me that's what she loves about Hasika he's so easy to talk to.

Several months later, they started dating, but they were always Best friends going on adventures and hikes together during that time. They now live together and still enjoy traveling the world together and going on rad hikes.

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