• Leah Stankus

The Must Have Apps For Instagram

Figuring out how to navigate through social media and BE TOUGH, let me tell you. I know I have asked myself so many times," wait, how did they do that?" or "How did they get their Instagram story to look like that?" Then I would google for 20 minutes trying to figure out myself and come up with absolutely nothing.

Whos with me?

So I am here to spill all my secrets- that's right. I'm going to tell you all my must-have apps for Instagram to make your life SO MUCH EASIER. These apps make my life so much easier and save me time when it comes to Instagram.

1. Unfold ( For all your instagram stories)

I use Unfold for all my Instagram stories and its AMAZING. They have so many different layouts, so you can choose how to best show our latest work off. My favorite thing to do with this app is once I finish editing a session, I will put some of my favorite photos into the layout I think best fits and post it on my story. There is a free version of this app, and you get I believe one template for free, but you can get the membership version for 19.99 a year and get access to EVERYTHING. So all the layouts, fonts, stickers, everything.

Here are some of my favorite layouts that Unfold looks like ( they have many more also)

2. Preview ( to plan your Instagram feed + posts)



If you are like me and stress WAYYY TOO MUCH about how your feed looks or is my feed cohesive- this is for you. You can put all the pictures you want to post in the next 2-3 weeks in this app, then move them around to see what looks best. The other thing you can do ( which I love) types your caption, put it with the photo, and then plan your next post ( adjust date and time), and the app will post for you. There are a TONN of apps that are used for "planner apps" so any truthfully work this is just the one I use.

As you can see in this screenshot you can tap on a photo and move it around to see what looks best!

3. Spark Post ( for graphics )

I use this app to create all my graphics and posters I use for my business. If I need to make a poster for the mini sessions I am doing next month; I use Spark Post. They have a TON of already laid out templates that you can use and remix it to fit your style and information. You do have to pay for this app, but it comes with your basic Adobe membership.

4. Tezza App ( Photo + Video Edits

I used to be the girl who used VSCO to edit all of her iPhone photos, but now I'm all about the Tezza app. It has super cute grain & dust filters you can use for both pictures and videos. For videos, it also lets you apply effects like vintage film edits, stop motions, subtitles, and more. They just added the new aspect where you can make the video look like it was taken on vintage cameras, for example, a super 8- How freaking cool.

Here are some photos I have edited with the app ( also you can see one dust filters they have)

These apps are my favorite to use over the years I have bought apps that I don't use, blah blah blah. I hope you guys enjoy these!!

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