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Three Investments That Helped Me Grow My Business

Let's talk about investing money, time, or yourself in something. Investing doesn't always mean money- we invest in people and relationships. We invest time in the things we love. As humans, we invest, flipping a lot into something we do. Let me tell you- so here are a few of the best things I've ever invested in for my business. Honestly, I SWEAR if I didn't invest in these things, my business would NOT be where it is today.

1) TIME:

Let me tell you something just because you have the best camera money can buy doesn't mean you will be the best photographer ever- you HAVE to practice and learn your camera and learn your style. And that folks takes time so invest hours soon hours in YouTube videos, shooting anything, practice editing- over and over again. PRACTICE YOUR BUTT OFF.


investing in mentoring, workshops, and education because you can NEVER stop learning. I have invested in a mentoring session with the fantastic @megans_photographyy_& I invested in the flipping best workshop ever @theheartuniversity . Plus someone once said, "why should someone invest in you if you can't invest in yourself?


Oh, man, let me tell you when I bought my new lens, it was HUGEEE for me. I actually rented it for a week, and the day after, I was like, "freak I have to buy this" so I did, and my friend Lauren texted me and said, "did you get a new camera or something your photos have improved a ton," and they folks is when I knew that investing in new equipment was worth it. 

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