• Leah Stankus

What Quarantine Taught Me

Oh, Quartine, the thing I probably never thought I would say that I've done before, but COVID threw everything at us. My "quarantine experience" was quite odd. I would say my college said, " you will just have a longer spring break," and then weeks turned into months, and here we are still doing zoom university. During that time, I decided to move back to Buckhannon and stay with my parents for a while. During Quartine, I grew as a person, but it broke me down ( I think everyone experienced this feeling).

I was scared for my family and friends.

I missed being able to connect and see people.

I missed hugging.

I missed taking photos.

AND SO MUCH MORE AM I RIGHT? So here are a few things that this experience taught me.

It Taught Me To Appreciate Little Things

Basic maybe, but man, is this true. Things that I took for granted, like seeing my friends and family, eating out, working at the coffee shop, and so much more. Here are the photos from an evening walk my family and I took one evening. A neat thing to see in my little neighborhood during quarantine was all the people starting to get out and walk each evening- it was fantastic to see everyone get outside again. I think it's SO EASY to get caught up in our busy lives during everything and forget about doing simple joys like walking to see the sunset with our family ( it takes 10 minutes).

It Helped me Slow Down

This is such an important one for me because I needed a rest and break. Now I still had class online during quarantine and finished my capstone, which was a lot to handle. But, it also gave me time to rest mentally and physically. I am the type of person who can't say no, and I'm always on the run.. like ALWAYS. So to have this slower pace season was SO GREAT. My sleep was better; I could refresh my creative space, and work on projects that I said "I didn't have time for"

It Let Me Spend More Time With My Family ( Even Though It was semi Forced)

Okay, Okay, it was a tad forced.. well, pretty forced considering we were quarantined together, but I am SO THANKFUL for this time I could spend with my parents and little brother. My dad and I redid our garden ( although they were mostly his ideas), building raised beds and planting SO MANY VEGGIES we were able to harvest and can over the summer. My brother and I workout a ton, and he was able to help me with all that jazz. My mom and I baked and cooked ( a lot) soo we made our bread and other goodies.

Looking back on all the things I could do in our home and around the property during everything makes my soul so happy.

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